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Start business in Belarus

If you want to start business in Belarus – welcome to our company. Our lawyers are ready to support you on all the stages of establishment of your business on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Why Allford Morisson?

  • average professional experience of our lawyers is 7 years;
  • our lawyers speak English;
  • any type of communication with our lawyers (you choose it by yourself) is available: Skype, Viber, E-mail, Wats App, Mobile phone;
  • experience in different fields of business: our lawyers have experience in restaurant business, manufacturing, trading and educational in different positions in the past (directors, managers, heads of legal);
  • managing services on the first stages of implementation of your project: we will help you and will be your personal assistant from the very beginning. We will explain you the legislation, we will help you to choose the tax system, and we will help you to make permissions for work in Belarus for your employees. Having reached the goals, we transfer the powers back to your director.