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Permission for temporary stay

Permission for temporary stay in Belarus allows you to stay on the territory of Belarus the number of days due to the permission. As a rule this permission can be issued for 1 (one) year. After one year a person can extend it.

This permission is given by the local migration office where the foreigner is registered. On the basis of permission for temporary stay a foreigner may stay in Belarus without other formalities of law.

Permission for temporary stay can be issued on the following grounds (these are the most popular grounds):

  • if a person has a living quarters on the territory of Belarus (for example, a person has bought a flat or house);
  • if a person has a permission for work in Belarus;
  • if a person came for studying;if a person got a refugee status;
  • if a person is a spouse, a close relative of a citizen of Belarus.

If a person wants to leave Belarus he needs to apply and obtain a visa. As a rule people usually apply for 1 year multiple visa to have the right to travel any time. The term of permission receipt for temporary stay is 15 calendar days. The cost of this procedure is 5 (five) base units.

An important condition is that a foreigner holding permission for temporary stay must reside only at the place indicated in the permission. If a foreign citizen changes the place of temporary residence, he is obliged to address within five days to migration authorities to make changes of permission for temporary stay.

Lawyers of our company will competently prepare for you all the necessary documents for obtaining permission for temporary stay, documents for migration authorities. They will also accompany you while receiving permission for temporary stay.