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Debt collection

In some cases to collect a debt from your contractor is not that difficult because sometimes it is enough to make one call to your debtor and ask him to pay or sometimes you send a written claim with the request to pay. Of course, in practice many debtors do not want to pay: they do not answer the calls, do not give any response. I

n case of failed attempts to get your money back when you feel that you cannot get your money back our law firm will help you to organize the process of debt collection from the very beginning. Our lawyers will assist you with all the questions relating to the procedure of debt collection in Belarus, including the preparation and collection of all the necessary documents.

Why Allford Morisson law firm?

  • Our lawyers have more than 15 years’ experience in the field of debt collection;
  • Debt collection is one of the key directions of our law firm;
  • Our lawyers have been working in the Economic courts of the Republic of Belarus as bailiffs;
  • Money that you spend for our services will be collected from your debtor.

Our services in the field of debt collection include:

1. Collection of the information about your debtor. Sometimes debtors do not carry out any activity and do not have property at all. Thus, spending resources and time to collect money from a debtor can be impossible. That is why we offer our clients to collect information about their debtor before we start the work on debt collection. Usually it saves Client’s time and money.

2. Consulting on debt collection. Our lawyers will consider and estimate existing documents, chances of debt collection in each case.

3. Preparation and submission of claims (a written proposal on the voluntary settlement of the dispute) to the debtor is a necessary condition to collect debt by court if the amount of the debt is more than 21 000 000 rubles (about 1000 USD). Sometimes when the debtor receive the written claim the situation changes: the debtor starts to answer the calls and then the process of payment takes place. A written claim sometimes can show the debtor that the intention of the Client to collect his money is real.

4. Executive inscription of the notary support. Today it is possible to collect the debt by execution of an inscription of the notary. You need to provide for inscription execution the contract or its copy, the document that will reflect the debt calculation. We want to mention that notary inscription execution is a very fast procedure. This procedure takes from 3 to 4 days. After you get the inscription execution, you can use this document instead of a court decision.

5. Litigation. On this stage our lawyers can provide you a legal support in the courts of the Republic of Belarus. We will help you to prepare all the necessary papers and submit it to the court.

Our law firm is ready to provide you legal services in the field of debt collection on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.